THE ROLE OF RADIO ADVERTISING ON THE MARKETING OF GOODS AND SERVICES (A Case Study of Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation Radio Kwara State)

THE ROLE OF RADIO ADVERTISING ON THE MARKETING OF GOODS AND SERVICES (A Case Study of Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation Radio Kwara State)  


Title Page




Table of contents


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 State of the problem

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

1.4 Significance of the Study

1.5 Scope of the Study

1.6 Limitations and Constraints to the Study


2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Meaning of Advertising

2.2 Types of Advertising

2.3 Meaning of Radio Advertisement

2.4 Types of Radio Advertisement

2.5 Important of Radio Advertisement

2.6 Ways and Styles of Writing Radio Advertisement

2.7 Goods and Services Advertisement

2.8 Effectiveness of Radio Advertisement

2.9 Formulation of Hypothesis


3.0 Research Methodology

3.1 Population of the Study

3.2 Method of Gathering Information

3.3 Data Treatment Techniques

3.4 Sources of Data to be collected

3.5 Administration of Questionnaire


4.0 Summary

4.1 Conclusion

4.2 Recommendation




Advertisement definitions are numerous as the number of advertisement we have on our mass media. If you ask the question “What is advertising”? The commercial you saw or heard last readily comes to mind.

The topic of the research work is “The Role of Radio Advertisement on the Marketing of Goods and Services in Kwara State in essence, we would be talking about the role of radio advertisement plays on the marketing of the goods and services in the country and in Kwara State in particular.

Radio is a source of communication which serves as a link between the producer and the consumers. Such link includes informing and persuading the consumers about the introduction of new products or an existing one into the market.

Radio medium is an advertising tool that can be used for so many purposes such as: educating, entertaining and encouraging intercommunication between the different segments of the society.

If radio also helps in communicating to the market, the availability of a new product and service, then it is of utmost importance of one of the advertising media for such purposes which radio happens to be part.

Advertising media consists of anything which can be used to convey and advertise message to the desired target market.

Radio as a medium can be reckoned with as a result of its advantages on other media such advantages includes:

a) There is the influence of human voice therefore, little efforts is required to absorb sales messages.

b) Radio is more accessible to consumers than any other medium.

c) Radio advertisement is cheaper than any other medium

d) There is mobility of medium almost everywhere and can be listened to while doing some other work.

In summary the broadcasting media which radio happens to be part is a medium of advertisement aimed at the mass population and it is called mass media.

In the body of the research work we would be analyzing the impact of radio advertisement has on the marketing of goods and services in Kwara State with particular reference to Radio Kwara.


The Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation, Ilorin with broadcasting identification Radio Kwara started broadcasting service in Ilorin in 1956 as a relay station. It was then known as Provincial Broadcasting House. The ¼ kilowath (kw) medium wave transmitter was then used to cover only about 8 kilometer radius of Ilorin.

However, Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation as constituted today, formally came in to being with the enactment of the Kwara Edict No 3 of 1979 but with retrospective effect for April 1st, 1978.

On the creation of the state in 1967, a master plan was drawn up and approved for the country as to the number and capacity of transmitter and mode of transmission to be sited in each location. Owing to the topography of Kwara State it was decided that it should be covered with both medium and short wave transmitter.

In 1974, construction work started on the modern studio broadcasting house, the 10kw short wave and 2ow medium wave transmitting station sites. These facilities were put in use as from 19th December, 1976. However, following the directive of the Federal Government, the short wave transmitter was closed down in 1978.

On 1st April 1978 in compliance with Federal Government directive which transferred all Radio Nigeria Station in State to their respective host state. The formal handing over of the station by NBC to Kwara Government was performed by Mr. Horation Agedeh of Federal Radio Corporation, Lagos on 5th September, 1978. All existing staff then were given the option of either staying with the corporation or going to the Federal Radio Corporation those who opted to stay were retained.

At the time of table over by the State Government, this station had a broadcasting house situation at the present premises transmitting station located at Apata Yakuba, Along Jebba Road, Ilorin. It then had two 10kilowatt medium wave transmitters and 10 kilowatt short wave transmitter at Apata Yakuba Station. The two inherited 10kw transmitter were very old. In fact, only on of them was working satisfactorily at the time of take over in 1978.

In 1984, the Federal Government boosted the transmitting capacity of Radio Kwara through the directive that transferred the Federal Radio Station in Ilorin to Kwara State Government. The station then had two 50kw medium wave transmitters at Budo Efo. With this development, the State Government approved the recommendation of the Corporation to install the four imported 109kw medium wave transmitters in the fringe areas of the Kwara State for effective coverage. Two of them were installed at egbe, one at New Bussa (Now in Niger State). All the time booster station were completed and commissioned.

Efforts to resuscitate the station between 200 and 2012 resulted in the provisions of a new tower mast and a 50kw Thomcast transmitter to restore normal transmission. In spite of the effort by Alhaji Muhammed Lawal’s administration, the transmitter remained insufficient. However, the Government of Dr. Bukola Saraki, on assumption of office in May, 2003, set the ball rolling to renovate the station with award of contract for the provision of modern studio equipment and additional 50kw Harris transmitter for the transmission totaling over N300,000,000.

The singular development has made Radio Kwara not just one of the few radio station with installed digital studio in Nigeria but one of the First Stations in Nigeria, to comply with the global directive one conversation from analysis broadcasting of digital broadcast.

The cardinal functions of Radio Kwara is to educate, entertain and inform people of what is happening around them.


Most of people in business have been criticized many times, because of the vast amount of money they spend on telling consumers about their products. The feelings expressed is that advertising add to the price of goods and services and that with less advertising savings will accrue to the consumer. However, to advertise is to inform the public what you have to sell. The question now is will radio advertising increase the level of sales of goods or services? Another is to find out the influence radio advertisement has on the purchase action of consumers

The research work is also to analyze the effort and to know the types of goods and services advertised on Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Kwara) and to know the Impact of such product and services have on the business community.


This research work would bring out the result of the survey of the role of radio advertisement on the marketing of goods and services in Kwara State.

The main aim and objective of the study is to ascertain how radio advertisement has been able to influence the purchase decision of consumers. Other aims and objectives are:

a) To make some positive contributions to the impact radio advertisement has on marketing of goods and services in Kwara State.

b) To identify the problems hindering the smooth running of radio advertisement and find out the main causes of problems so as to give reasonable suggestion to solve problems if any.

c) To survey into operations and roles played by Radio Kwara as an advertising tool.

d) To highlight the prospect of radio advertisement to both the society and business enterprises.

e) Proffer recommendation as to how radio advertisement would enhance sales and brand loyalty.


Basically, radio advertisement is one of the most important channels of communication and its can be very effective and influence consumers buying habit. However, the study is very significant to Kwara State economy in the promotion of commercial ventures, this could be in form of advertisement, publicity and public relation activities.

Radio covers a wider area hence many business organizations use the opportunity to advertise their goods and services through this channel so as to reach their target market. Radio advertisement is relatively cheaper as compared to what is attainable in other media sources.


The scope of this study covers the role of Radio Advertisement on the marketing of goods and services in Kwara State using Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation, Kwara Radio as a case study.

Territorial scope of this project deals with consumers advertising product in Radio Kwara and other broadcasting industries in Ilorin metropolis.

Industrial scope implies specification of the industry of the study , therefore, this research work deals with broadcasting industries such as Radio Kwara, Mainland FM, and Harmony FM etc. This research work focuses on Radio Kwara, Apata Yakuba, Ilorin, Kwara State.

The time scope in the periodic depth of the research therefore, covers eight months that is between October 2012 and June


One of the major constraints encountered was how the information will be well arranged so that the listeners will understand what they are talking about. In this situation, the workers of Radio Kwara will have to use their time to work hard on the information that they want to pass to the listeners by doing this, they will have to consult series of textbooks and if there is any language that is laid to pronounce, they have to divert it to a simple form so that it will be well understand by the listeners.

Finance is another major bottleneck of the researchers the researcher intended to get to some villages in the Republic of Benin where the station has a number of listeners but due to the scarcity of fuel in Kwara State that is why the researcher cannot reach the place they intended to go for the village also to know about their services.

Time is also major of the researcher, the researcher have to use their time to gather any information given to them so that there will not be any confusion during the process of presentation.




If the word advertising is said in a crowd reactions are likely to be many, strong and varied children may know it as the short but entertaining interruption in their Saturday morning television shows shoppers know that it tells them where and when products are for sale or on sale owners of radio or television stations, magazines or newspaper take advertising as the source of most of their revenues.

A firms financial manager may view advertising as a questionable investment while the same firms marketing managers are sure that it is not of the most important weapons in their competitive arsenal.

Advertising could mean different things to different people. To some, advertising is a profession and form of communicating to almost everyone. There are many perspectives to advertising: those who gain from advertising would always talk about its virtue while critics would surely hold negative news about it.

Advertising can be described as salesmanship in print, salesmanship on mass media, it is the most potent component of promotion which in turn is one of the elements of marketing mix, we should look at some definitions that theorists have come up with over years.

The Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary described advertising as a business that deals with the publicizing of goods especially to increase sales.

Frank Jefkins in his book “Advertising” defines it as the means by which we make what we have to sell or what we want to buy. This definition focused on publicity i.e. to make know what one has to publicize literally means the same. In publicizing in what we have to sell, it simply means creating awareness and once this happen, a need might be recognized and then a sale of affected.

Chris Doghiye Managing Director of Linta (Nigeria’s Pioneer Advertisng Agency) defines advertising as a market tool whose aim is to build preferences for advertised brands or service.

The second most famous definition of Advertising belongs to the Institute of Parishioners in Advertising (IPA) of the United Kingdom. It say advertising “presents the most persuasive selling message to the prospects for a product or service at the least possible cost.

The advertising Practitioners council of Nigeria (APCON) established by Decree 55 of 1988 as amended by decree 93 of 1992 defines advertising as a form of communication through media about the product, service or idea paid for by identifies sponsor.

However, the most accepted and widely spread definition is the one provided by American Marketing Association (AMA), which says “advertising” is any paid form of non-sponsor(s). The key factor to identify advertising is that it is paid form and that is by an idea of identified sponsor. Advertising is more electricity, a great deal is known about it and its uses but we are not very successful in delimiting its.

The ultimate purpose underlying advertising is the increased awareness thereby positively influencing the level of product, sales and increasing advertisers profit.

Many scholars professional bodies and association have different opinions about advertising, about each is not without its own uniqueness.

In the study of consumer view of advertising carried out in 1995 by American of Advertising Agencies, more than half of the respondents are of the view that advertising is a channel of information from manufacturer to consumers.

Leater G. Tesler (1998), argues in his book advertising and the consumer that which the marketer sees advertising from angle that sells it product the advertising technician focuses on how it aids communication.

David Oiluu (1990) says “I do not regard advertising” as entertainment or any art form but medium of information.

All theories of the scholars and opinions have been taken into consideration according to their different schools of thought and in recent time, it is known that advertising does not only inform. It sells and help to keep businesses in business.


THE ROLE OF RADIO ADVERTISING ON THE MARKETING OF GOODS AND SERVICES (A Case Study of Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation Radio Kwara State)


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